Earn benefits with the VAULT affiliate program

Get Lifetime Referral Benefits with VAULT Investments Multi-Tier Affiliate Program!

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Why VAULT Referral Program?

VAULT Investments offers a lifetime referral program for all users registered on the VAULT.Investments Platform! This means that unlike many other referral programs, we don't limit the crediting of referred purchases with a cookie that is set for a (often short) period of time.

We believe that when a new VAULT platform user signs up using any of your referral links, you should be rewarded for every qualifying purchase they make for life, for all current and future sales programs/purchases offering a referral bonus!

VAULT Pay-Per-Sale Multi-Tier Lifetime Referral Program

VAULT Investments multi-tier referral program consists of two referral tiers where referrers can earn commission from direct sales plus sales of those that they have referred.

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Tier 1

Qualifying purchases made by your direct (level 1) referrals (referees) who used any of your referral links to sign up for VAULT.Investments platform

Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) for Qualifying Purchases

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Tier 2

Qualifying purchases made by the level 1 referrals (referees) of your referrals (referees)

Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) for Qualifying Purchases


VAULT Affiliate Payment Terms

VAULT investments operates on a Net 7 basis.
Payments will be made within 7 days of the end of each month.

Example for all commission earned from 1st March - 31st March the referral payments will be made on or before 7th April. There is no minimum payment threshold.

VAULT Multi-Tier Affiliate Model Example

VAULT Investments offers 5%/2% referral payments for purchases of VAULT Coin Packs (for VAULT coin only) and all future qualifying converting offers.

Zack signs up to VAULT.Investments platform. He sends one of his VAULT referral links to his friend Bob, who uses it to sign up. Then Bob sends one of his VAULT referral links to his friend Mike, who uses it to sign up, and then Mike buys a 100 VAULT Coin Pack.

In single-tier referral programs, Bob would get 5 VAULT coins for Mike's 100 VAULT Coin Pack purchase.

In VAULT's multi-tier affiliate program, Bob would get 5 VAULT coins plus Zack would get 2 VAULT coins.